Friday, 17 August 2012

6 in 1 Comparison Review: BB Creams for EVERY Budget!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the BB Creams that are currently flooding the market at the moment. I have thrown in two tinted moisturisers because in the West BB Creams are essentially the same product, repackaged.

So, starting with the most affordable: 17 All-in-One-Magic-Makeup. This offers a low to medium coverage and an SPF of 15. They have now brought out an updated version that contains SPF 25 and claims to ‘Improve your skin in just 4 weeks’. Hmmm not sure about that! This is good for people on a budget who still want a quality product.

Secondly we have Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB. This has a lower coverage more glossy finish on the skin, is a dream to apply and feels amazing all day. This offers a very generous SPF of 30. s great for dry-skinned people who have good skin that just needs enhancing and evening out. This is my personal favourite from the high street/drugstore.

Thirdly is the L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream. This is a strange formula containing beads that release their pigment when blended onto the skin. This only has an SPF of 12. It offers very low coverage but does a great job of making the skin look even and bright with a very natural, skin-like finish. This would be good for someone with a more normal-combo skin because of the more matte texture.

Fourth up is the Water Fuse BB Cream by Dr Jart. I love this BB Cream because it has an SPF of 25 is amazing for dry skin, at 50mls is great value for money and offers medium, beautiful coverage. There is only one shade so won’t suit everyone.

Now for the tinted moisturisers...!

First up we have the No7 Triple Protection TM. This offers both UVB protection of 15 and 5 star UVA protection. This gives low coverage with a lovely dewy finish.

And Last but on least we have the Laura Mercier TM. I like this one because it offers slightly more coverage than an average tinted moisturiser and leaves the skin with a semi-matte finish. This comes with an SPF of 20 and comes in a massive amount of shades but this is massively over-priced at an eye-watering £33.

For a more in-depth comparison of all these products including demos then please watch my video!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Broadway imPRESS Nails Review

Hi Guys,

I purchased the Broadway imPRESS Nails today in the Lovestruck design and I love them!

Super easy to use and they look so great! What do you reckon?

I'll report back with how they last!! xx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

How To: Orange Lips!

Hi Guys!

Summer is here and that means bright, bold statement lips. Orange can be quite a difficult colour to pull off but it looks amazing when done right.

In my video I have shown two looks; one wearable and one dramatic and I think they work really well! I hope you find it useful. xx

Products featured:
MUFE Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 117
Real Techniques Contour Brush
Benefit Sugarbomb

Products used for the lips:
Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Pencil - Red Rush
Real Techniques Detailer Brush
17 Lasting Fix Lipstick - Hot Chili
Sleek Pout Paint - Lava


Monday, 11 June 2012

Friday, 8 June 2012

Travel Essentials

I have a Christening to go to this weekend and I’m planning what makeup to take. I’ll probably just take my favourite HG products because I know they work. I’ll be pressed for time when getting ready so I really do not want the stress of trying something new and it not working minutes before we have to leave!

If you want to have a snoop around my makeup bag essentials please check out my vid!

Products featured:

Chanel Vitalumiere -- 20
MAC Face & Body -- White (for mixing)
GOSH Brow Kit
MAC Lingering
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer -- Fair
Benefit Boi-ing -- 02
Maybelline Colour Tattoo -- On and On Bronze
Maybelline Gel Liner -- 02 Brown
MAC Fluidline -- Blacktrack
Urban Decay Afterglow Glide On Cheek Tint - Bang
MAC Cream Colour Base - Pearl

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Good Foundations for Dry Skin.

A quick run through of the best dry-skin foundations that I have tried and tested.


Chanel Vitalumiere - 10
MAC Face & Body - C1
Bourjois Healthy Mix - 51
Sleek New Skin Revive - Shell
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - 51
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation - 117
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - Siberia
Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation - 51

Any ideas for other foundations that work for dry skin?

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review.

As I said before I have dry / very dry skin in winter and slightly more well behaved skin in summer. I’m forever on the hunt for a matte finish foundation that won’t feel tight on my skin or highlight dryness. I’m truly loving the Bourjois 123 foundation (video review coming soon) but as usual I’m still on the hunt for something else. Call it a hobby.

Anyway, I thought I would give the Nars Sheer Glow foundation a go because, after extensive research, I found that the consensus was that it is quite a matte finish on drier skins.

It is indeed a more semi matte to matte finish and not really glowy as the name suggests. The packaging recommends that you use your hands to apply but that didn’t work as well for me as using a brush – the brush I used was the slanted Real Techniques foundation brush.

I also don’t find the foundation to be all that sheer either. I’d say it is more of a light to medium coverage; whatever it is, it is a beautiful finish none the less.

The packaging is 100% useless, pretty but useless. No pump in this day and age is unforgivable in my opinion. Colour range is good – I’m in Siberia which is pale and yellow toned which is a rare commodity!

To sum up: On me and on people with drier skin types this is not a glowy or dewy foundation. It is definitely more than a sheer coverage. I would really recommend it if you have dry skin and are looking for a more matte textured foundation without wanting to look like a prune 10 minutes after application.


Thursday, 31 May 2012

'No Makeup’ Makeup Tutorial.

I know this has been done a thousand times before but I adore barely-there natural makeup so I wanted to show you how I do it. My take on it is ‘how can I leave the house without a paper bag without looking like I have makeup on?’. For a more detailed tutorial you should definitely check out Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial on ‘no makeup’ makeup – it is , of course, amazing!

All products are listed below and in the description bar under my video.
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Monday, 27 February 2012

My Current Skincare Routine.

I have recently been really into my skincare so I thought I would do a post on it. I have pretty normal to dry skin with very few breakouts, I do however suffer from blocked pores. Ever since I have been doing this routine I have far fewer clogged pores and virtually no blackheads. It’s pretty time consuming but I love doing it as I find it relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Morning Step 1: I am always in a rush in the morning so I will just quickly freshen my face with a Simple wipe.

Morning Step 2: I apply a good layer of Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream. I find this is excellent under foundation, it keeps my skin looking radiant all day.

Morning Step 3: Makeup!

Evening Step 1: I use the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser and the muslin cloth that it comes with. I LOVE this cleanser. It gets rid of any flaky skin and cleanses deeply into pores. I love the creamy consistency and it smells really indulgent.

Evening Step 2: I use the Body Shop Aloe Toner to make sure that any trace of cleanser is removed and to get my skin ready for moisture. This toner isn’t drying at all because it doesn’t contain any alcohol, it never irritates my skin.

Evening Step 3: A thin layer of Superdrug Optimum Swiss Apple Serum. I find this makes my skin appear fresher and more radiant in the mornings. It feels really nurturing and smells lovely and fresh. This is a must for me in the winter because I get extremely dry patches, this keeps them at bay.

Evening Step 4: Superdrug Natural High Eye Cream. I have no other reason to use this other than I like it. It does keep my eyes feel comfortable and moisturised, plus I have noticed an improvement in my dark circles.

Evening Step 5: I use my Oilatum again. I will never use anything else I don’t think. Even better than my Embryolisse and Clinique Dramatically Different face creams.

That’s pretty much my daily skin care routine. I also use a facial peel by Soap & Glory once a week for a deeper exfoliation. The Fab Pore Facial Peel. This contains Salicylic acid which allows the dead skin cells to properly detach and reveal brighter fresher looking skin.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Barry M Wink Black Marker Pen for Eyes Review.

What they say: “Barry M’s Wink is a liquid eyeliner pen that is set to revolutionise your makeup routine. The thick felt tip nib enables you to achieve varying thickness by adjusting the pressure and the angle of the pen, giving you a professional look".

I have been wearing this eyeliner daily for the last few days and I love it. Here’s the breakdown:

Texture, Opacity & Application: This marker has quite a thin consistency which allows for an incredibly smooth line to be drawn. This is the easiest eyeliner I have ever used; the only thing that comes close is the Bourjois Liner Feutre. Some eyeliner pens run out of ink halfway along the eye and need shaking before continuing but this one doesn’t do that. I find the nib makes it really easy to draw thick or thin lines depending on how hard you press. I was really very impressed by how well this eyeliner pen performed – I really recommend this to people who are new to liquid liner.

Colour: The thin consistency means two coats are probably needed if applying over eyeshadow especially shimmery ones. This doesn’t bother me at all because it is so easy to use. The colour left behind is a soft classic matte black. Once on, the colour stays true all day.

Packaging: I think the pen itself looks pretty awful and very 1980s. This is definitely a product that shouldn’t be judged by its cover. The plastic is very high quality and the lid ‘clicks’ securely into place meaning no chance of the product drying out or leaking everywhere.

Price & Availability: This is so cheap at £4.59 and I prefer it to my MAC Blacktrack Fluidline. Incredible.

This gets a huge 8/10. I would get a 10/10 if it was waterproof; I have noticed a very small amount of smudging when my eyes stream from waiting for my train in the freezing cold wind we seem to be having so much of. I love London but I hate the weather!