Thursday, 17 November 2011

MAC Face & Body Foundation Review.

What they say: “A water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides sheer, natural looking coverage in an easy to blend formula. It delivers professional looking results that meet the exacting standards of beauty photography and is ideal for perfecting the face and body.”

Texture & Coverage: When they say sheer, they mean sheer! This foundation is perfect for people that already have good skin but just want to even out their skin tone a bit. It has a very thin consistency which makes it easy to use on the body and the staying power is great so it doesn’t transfer all over the place. I find this foundation quite moisturising, MAC say this is ideal for all skin types but I would say that it would be too dewy for oily skinned people. I have normal/dry skin and I find I need to powder to avoid looking shiny. This foundation is also really great for mixing with other foundations either to thin them or custom mix a colour. I also have this in white which I use to lighten other foundations that are too dark for my pale skin.

Colour: This foundation comes in 13 shades 7 cool tones and 6 neutral tones varying from pale to dark. Some people will have to mix the C and then N together as the Cs do come up really quite yellow. If left unused for a while, this foundation will start to separate (I think this is because it’s water-based) so a good shake before use is recommended.

Packaging: The packaging is quite cool actually; a plastic squeezy bottle that is light-weight and very durable. There is no pump but it is easy to dispense the right amount of product onto the back of your hand or fingers.

Price & Availability: This is priced at £25.50 which sounds expensive but considering you get a huge 120ml, which is about 4 times the normal amount, I don’t think it’s too bad at all.

I’m going to be harsh and give this a 3.5/5 – I think it is too sheer for my personal taste. I use my white F&B more regularly just to lighten other foundations.

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  1. love your blog great reviews! i have been thinking whether or not to get this for quite some time so glad i saw this!
    love abby xx