Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Mascara Review.

What they say:Innovative new mascara : The new auto rotating brush instantly and evenly wraps around each lash for a false lash volume effect in 30 seconds flat* The brush rotates 360° and coats lashes from root to tip with no overloading guaranteed.

Let me start by saying that this totally lives up to its claims. I think of this like an electric toothbrush – you just have to hold the brush in the right place and let it do the work for you.

Formula & Brush: The formula is a pretty standard volumising formula which is neither to dry and thick or too wet. The brush has quite densely packed bristles that really grab even the tiny corner lashes. The star of the show is the rotating wand – it really does work. There is no need to re-dip the brush because it deposits mascara from all sides. I found no clumping and it really separates all my lashes which is a great achievement for a volumising mascara.

Colour & Lasting Power: This comes in one colour which is called ‘Starting Black’. It is a true jet black. This lasted all day on me that includes a walk to the station in the wind, all day of work and an hour at the gym; pretty good if you ask me considering it isn’t water-proof.

Packaging: The packaging is cool, it has chequered detail in keeping with the racing theme.

Price & Availability: £11.99 from pretty much anywhere. £10 from ASOS online. The only other product that’s like this is the Dior 360° which retails at an eye-watering £29.50.  

5/5. It’s really great.


  1. I've never tried this brand before, but it def sounds great! This is a great review and very informative! I really like your blog, and I am now a follower!

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback! Makes it worth it :)
    Following you back hun

  3. Im in the states and I heard about this mascara from pixiwoo. This review was really helpful...I just may have to buy it! Lovely blog :)