Thursday, 10 November 2011

Make Up Forever HD Foundation Dupe: Revlon PhotoReady Makeup.

To make this a fair comparison, when I applied these foundations I used the same Real Techniques stippling brush. I didn’t want the application to affect the finish and therefore affect my opinion.

Price: Both are 30ml – the Revlon PR is £12.99 and the MUFE HD one is a staggering £28.95. To be fair I think the MUFE foundation is totally worth the money though, see my review here to see why.

Packaging: The MUFE HD comes in a very high quality plastic bottle that looks like glass complete with pump. PR comes in a stumpy glass bottle also with a pump. Both lids stay on well and both pumps dispense the perfect amount of product. I like both bottle designs as they look simple and sophisticated and they both allow you to be able to see how much product is left. I don’t think there is much to separate the two products packaging-wise.

Texture, Colour & SPF: PR only comes in 8 shades compared with MUFE HD that comes in a massive range of 27 shades. PR and MUFE HD both have a very light texture and are highly pigmented which gives great coverage. I find the HD much easier to blend and feels more hydrating on my skin. I have to powder the HD foundation whereas I can leave the PR on its own. Both foundations have a very natural skin-like finish, the PR does contain very low-level shimmer whereas the HD is completely shimmer free. MUFE HD contains no SPF and the PR has an SPF of 20.

I really like both foundations but the MUFE HD is by far my favourite. Regarding the PhotoReady Makeup; I like a bit of shimmer as it makes my sometimes dry skin look more luminous but I can’t understand why a foundation made for the camera contains it. I also can’t understand why it contains SPF which can cause a bit of a white-cast when using flash-photography. To sum up: both offer good coverage without looking like makeup, both have great packaging & both are comfortable to wear. I just feel like the MUFE HD is so good that nothing can really compare to it, even though the price tag is slightly over-the-top.


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  2. You may find the full review on MUFE HD foundation interesting too

    I really like your blog! Bookmarked and everything! :)) x

  3. I just bought this product. But the sales rep i 1st met not good, she didn't recommend a correct shade for me, which make my skin looks darker. My skin tone should use either #118 or #120, but she gave me #123. End up i need to buy other product to compliment with it, ie. MUFE HD primer in purple to brighten up my skin before apply the wrong shade foundation which i don't want to waste it. Besides the wrong shade, i like the texture & coverage for this foundation. Is light weight, and so sheer that i can see my nose bridge clearly. Although high coverage, but it still makes my skin looks translucent. Overall, i like it!

  4. I have both of these foundations and found them pretty similar as well. Though as you said, the HD foundation is better and nothing that I've tried has compared to it either. (:
    Great comparison!