Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Louise Young LY24 Brush Review.

What they say: “Very fine brush for precision eyelining.”

Shape, Feel & Ease of Use: This brush is pretty much the same as the MAC 210; a very fine liner brush that is great with gel & liquid liners. The bristles are fairly long so they move and bend freely which allows for a very fluid line with minimal bumps or skips. The handle is also quite long and tends to get in the way and touch the mirror slightly when doing close-up work. I tend to use this brush in conjunction with a MAC 209; I use the LY24 to do the eyeline & the 209 to add in the flick. I find the taper & stiffness of the 209 is better for achieving a tidy and precise flick.

Quality: This is amazing quality. I have been using and cleaning this brush about five times a week for the past year and it still looks brand new.

Price & Availability: I bought mine from and it was £11.00.

I give this a 4/5 – I wish the handle was slightly shorter to stop it touching the mirror! All in all, this brush is worth the hype in my opinion.

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