Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sleek Berry Collection: Fenberry Blush Review.

I have a few Sleek blushes and the only one I used to use was the ‘Rose Gold’, not anymore. The colour of this is STUNNING.

What they say: “Sleek MakeUP’s gift to you this party season is the limited edition Berry collection! Get berrylicious this Christmas with this three piece collection featuring rich, sultry berry tones. Add a flush of warmth to your cheeks with Fenberry blush, for the perfect wash of crimson rose. Flattering festive eyes will be yours with Kohl Pencil in Mossberry, a deep burgundy chunky liner that is easily smudged for a cloud of berry-hued smokiness around the eye. Finally finish the look with True Colour lipstick in Cranberry, a matte mulled wine toned shade that will add a kick of spiciness to your party look!”

Texture: This is a matte blusher so it’s not quite as buttery as the Sleek shimmer blushes but it is still a dream to apply and blends flawlessly. Even though this is a matte texture it is far from chalky and as with all Sleek products it is highly pigmented. I think this is amazing quality and very wearable.

Colour: I love the colour of this. The matte texture allows this colour to be worn with a dark lip without being overwhelming. I really think Sleek have found the perfect partner to their Cranberry Lipstick (review here). I think this will work on many skin tones depending on how it’s applied.

Packaging: Again, I have no complaints on the packaging at all. The red foil writing on this one makes it stand out from the rest of my Sleek blushes and makes it look special.

Price & Availability: This comes in the Berry Collection which retails at £9.99 from Superdrug. Bargain.

8/10 – It is perfect for winter and Christmas parties. Check out my other two reviews of the Cranberry Lipstick and the Mossberry Kohl Pencil!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sleek Berry Collection: Cranberry Lipstick Review.

What they say: “Sleek MakeUP’s gift to you this party season is the limited edition Berry collection! Get berrylicious this Christmas with this three piece collection featuring rich, sultry berry tones. Add a flush of warmth to your cheeks with Fenberry blush, for the perfect wash of crimson rose. Flattering festive eyes will be yours with Kohl Pencil in Mossberry, a deep burgundy chunky liner that is easily smudged for a cloud of berry-hued smokiness around the eye. Finally finish the look with True Colour lipstick in Cranberry, a matte mulled wine toned shade that will add a kick of spiciness to your party look!”

Texture: The texture of this lipstick isn’t too dissimilar to the texture of the MAC Matte lipsticks. It is quite drying so I recommend applying a light lip balm before wearing, without lip balm fine lines will also be accentuated. The matte formula makes the lasting power phenomenal, only light touch-ups are needed after eating or drinking. I don’t find this uncomfortable to wear at all.

Colour:  I love the colour of this; it’s a perfect pink-based dark red. I think it would suit a lot of skin tones from pale to dark. I have quite pale skin but it doesn’t drain any colour away from me, in fact it livens up my complexion well. I personally think this one is quite easy to pull off, far easier than the dark purples that are around at the moment.

Packaging: This comes in the standard Sleek packaging which apparently is similar to NARS. As this is part of a limited collection the writing on the lipstick is red foil instead of the normal patent black. I think it looks way more expensive than it is!

Price & Availability: The whole collection cost me £9.99 from Superdrug - quite a bargain considering you get a kohl pencil and a blush too (reviews to come). I really hope they make the lipstick permanent!

I’d like to give this a 7/10 – I don’t want to get too attached because I won’t be able to replace it. Check out my review of the Fenberry Blush and the Mossberry Kohl Pencil from this collection!

Friday, 25 November 2011

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl Pencil Review.

What they say: “A soft-on pencil liner that lines, defines and shades the eyes with rich colour and a silky-smooth, matte/pearl finish. Ophthalmologist tested.”

Texture: This is definitely one of the best white eye eyeliners around. It glides on without tugging or pulling and doesn’t hurt to use on the waterline. I find that you only need to apply one layer for full opacity as it is extremely pigmented. Because this is a kohl pencil, it is also really great to use as a base for bright or light colours. I usually put this on in the morning and it lasts all day on me which is great considering it isn’t marketed as being long-lasting or waterproof.

Colour: This pencil really is a true white and really makes the eyes look wide-awake when worn on the waterline. I really think this is worth the money; Rimmel do make a white kohl pencil but it is much more sheer and doesn’t last as long.

Price & Availability: This is £13.00 from anywhere that sells MAC which is pretty much everywhere! It sounds expensive on first glance but I have had mine for well over 18 months, I use it every day, and it barely looks like I’ve touched it.

It’s another 5/5 from me - I may have to start reviewing things that I don’t like!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Mascara Review.

What they say:Innovative new mascara : The new auto rotating brush instantly and evenly wraps around each lash for a false lash volume effect in 30 seconds flat* The brush rotates 360° and coats lashes from root to tip with no overloading guaranteed.

Let me start by saying that this totally lives up to its claims. I think of this like an electric toothbrush – you just have to hold the brush in the right place and let it do the work for you.

Formula & Brush: The formula is a pretty standard volumising formula which is neither to dry and thick or too wet. The brush has quite densely packed bristles that really grab even the tiny corner lashes. The star of the show is the rotating wand – it really does work. There is no need to re-dip the brush because it deposits mascara from all sides. I found no clumping and it really separates all my lashes which is a great achievement for a volumising mascara.

Colour & Lasting Power: This comes in one colour which is called ‘Starting Black’. It is a true jet black. This lasted all day on me that includes a walk to the station in the wind, all day of work and an hour at the gym; pretty good if you ask me considering it isn’t water-proof.

Packaging: The packaging is cool, it has chequered detail in keeping with the racing theme.

Price & Availability: £11.99 from pretty much anywhere. £10 from ASOS online. The only other product that’s like this is the Dior 360° which retails at an eye-watering £29.50.  

5/5. It’s really great.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Louise Young LY24 Brush Review.

What they say: “Very fine brush for precision eyelining.”

Shape, Feel & Ease of Use: This brush is pretty much the same as the MAC 210; a very fine liner brush that is great with gel & liquid liners. The bristles are fairly long so they move and bend freely which allows for a very fluid line with minimal bumps or skips. The handle is also quite long and tends to get in the way and touch the mirror slightly when doing close-up work. I tend to use this brush in conjunction with a MAC 209; I use the LY24 to do the eyeline & the 209 to add in the flick. I find the taper & stiffness of the 209 is better for achieving a tidy and precise flick.

Quality: This is amazing quality. I have been using and cleaning this brush about five times a week for the past year and it still looks brand new.

Price & Availability: I bought mine from and it was £11.00.

I give this a 4/5 – I wish the handle was slightly shorter to stop it touching the mirror! All in all, this brush is worth the hype in my opinion.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara Review.

What they say: “Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It's as BAD as you want to be!”

Formula & Brush: This is a volumising mascara so the formula is quite dry and thick. I find it takes ages to build up any volume but after 3 coats it does give quite thick lashes. The brush is stupidly big; too big if you ask me and I don’t find it makes it very easy to get to the roots of the lashes without poking yourself in the eye.

Colour & Lasting Power: This review is on the black variation. I also have this in blue and I find it pointless but that’s another story! I have to say the colour is fabulous, a definite carbon black which is great. I also experienced no smudging or flaking and it lasts a whole day.

Packaging: As with all Benefit products, the packaging is divine. I love it. Very good quality and eye-catching.

Price & Availability: This is £16.50 for 8.5g of product. This does dry out quite quickly although not nearly as bad as YSL Faux Cils! That one’s a shocker. Personally I find this over-priced and over-hyped.

2.5/5. It isn’t a bad mascara, it just doesn’t blow me away. A cheaper dupe would be the Boots 17 Va Va Voom Volume mascara which is only £6.29, it’s virtually the same.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Sleek Storm Palette Review.

What they say: “The Storm i-Divine palette comprises of 12 strong and rich shades perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating natural looks. The velvet-touch consistency gives full and shimmering coverage to the eye lid for maximum effect. Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look.”

Texture & Payoff:  These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and are a dream to blend. There are three matte shades and the rest are very metallic, as with all Sleek palettes the matte shadows can lend towards being slightly chalky. I always need to use a primer with these shadows; they last for about 4-5 hours on their own which is fine for an evening out but not for all day at work.

Colour: I think this palette is really versatile and has the right mix of light and dark colours. I would say this is quite similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette in terms of wear-ability. These can colours can also be used as liners and highlighters making it even more useful. This palette is great for creating loads of different smokey eye looks.

Packaging: This comes in a really high quality plastic palette with a good sized mirror in the lid. Very easy to transport. I wish all the palettes had their names written on the front, I have 6 Sleek palettes and I can never tell which one is which.

Price & Availability: This palette is only £6.49 for 12 gorgeous shadows which is just beyond a bargain. Available at all good Superdrug shops.

5/5. Sleek really give expensive brands a run for their money and this palette proves that.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder Review.

What they say: “An illuminating pressed powder infused with mica to help reflect light creating luminous skin that looks fresh and bright. It provides a translucent finish to help minimize skin imperfections and contains SPF15 maximizing sun protection for ageless, timeless skin that simply glows.”

Texture: I love this pressed powder because it doesn’t dry my skin out or look flat. The mica particles are very fine so the skin looks luminous instead of covered in glitter. I also like the fact that this contains an SPF although I’m not too sure how effective it really is considering I only use a light dusting. This powder is great for normal/oily to normal/dry skin and will last all day. Very oily skins will need something a bit more matte.

Colour: This comes in four shades all with yellow undertones which is great for counteracting redness in the skin.  In the pan it does look very shimmery & very yellow/beige but don’t be put off by that!

Packaging: As usual it comes in the very good quality Sleek packaging; a black plastic square with a mirror in the lid. Simple.

Price & Availability: This is available online and at all the good Superdrug stores retailing at an inoffensive £6.49. You get 10.5g of product for your money and it lasts ages! I have had mine over a year and I have only used half.

A definite 5/5. :)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

MAC Face & Body Foundation Review.

What they say: “A water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides sheer, natural looking coverage in an easy to blend formula. It delivers professional looking results that meet the exacting standards of beauty photography and is ideal for perfecting the face and body.”

Texture & Coverage: When they say sheer, they mean sheer! This foundation is perfect for people that already have good skin but just want to even out their skin tone a bit. It has a very thin consistency which makes it easy to use on the body and the staying power is great so it doesn’t transfer all over the place. I find this foundation quite moisturising, MAC say this is ideal for all skin types but I would say that it would be too dewy for oily skinned people. I have normal/dry skin and I find I need to powder to avoid looking shiny. This foundation is also really great for mixing with other foundations either to thin them or custom mix a colour. I also have this in white which I use to lighten other foundations that are too dark for my pale skin.

Colour: This foundation comes in 13 shades 7 cool tones and 6 neutral tones varying from pale to dark. Some people will have to mix the C and then N together as the Cs do come up really quite yellow. If left unused for a while, this foundation will start to separate (I think this is because it’s water-based) so a good shake before use is recommended.

Packaging: The packaging is quite cool actually; a plastic squeezy bottle that is light-weight and very durable. There is no pump but it is easy to dispense the right amount of product onto the back of your hand or fingers.

Price & Availability: This is priced at £25.50 which sounds expensive but considering you get a huge 120ml, which is about 4 times the normal amount, I don’t think it’s too bad at all.

I’m going to be harsh and give this a 3.5/5 – I think it is too sheer for my personal taste. I use my white F&B more regularly just to lighten other foundations.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Products of the week.

Things I’ve been using and loving this week.

Fifth place: Softlips in French Vanilla.

I first discovered this is a pharmacy in Cyprus when I was visiting my Grandparents about 11 years ago. I have been using it on and off ever since. The best thing about it is the smell! Plus it looks quite unique.

Fourth place: Diesel Loverdose.

I’ve been wearing this perfume daily for about a month and I haven’t got bored yet which is saying something! It’s quite a heavy fragrance for the day time but it’s young and new so I don’t care. I do only use a couple of sprays to avoid chocking people on the tube in the mornings.

Third Place: Aussie Mega Shampoo.

Another product I have been using for years. This is currently on ‘buy one get one free’ in Superdrug so I thought it would be rude not to get a couple. I had actually forgotten how good it smells.

Second Place: Louise Young Foundation Brush.

I love this brush because it is massive. I’m not talking about the round foundation brush she does as I haven’t tried it, it looks like a nightmare to clean. I use this brush for foundations that end up being too sheer when applied with a stippling/buffing brush. The bristles are dense and soft so it leaves no streaks and doesn’t take long to blend the foundation in properly.

First place: Barry M Nail Paint in Fuchsia.

This polish is so pink. Barbie pink. I cannot understand why I love it so much but I do. As always with Barry M polishes, they dry relatively quickly and last all week (with my trusty Kensington Caviar top coat on of course).

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

MAC Eyeshadow in Vanilla Review.

What they say: “Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.”

Texture & Blendability: I think the statement above is quite general as the texture does change depending on the finish. MAC eyeshadows come in a variety of finishes; Frost, Lustre, Matte, Matte2, Satin, Veluxe, Veluxe Pearl & Velvet. Vanilla is a Velvet finish shadow which means it is fairly matte with very fine, low-level shimmer running through it. I find this quite easy to blend but it does tend to crease quite easily. I think this works better as a highlighter for the brow bone or top lip. Saying that, I do think it looks really nice as an all over base-colour with something dark in the crease and a simple gel-liner.

Payoff: If I’m wearing this as an all over base-colour I find I have to really push it on with a 239 brush to get any density of colour. It does make an easy-to-use highlighter as it is hard to overdo it.

Packaging: The packaging is a really boring little pot with a flip-lid. It’s nothing exciting but nothing annoying either. The lid is easy to open but clicks shut securely making it perfect for travelling, it’s also very lightweight.

Price & Availability: This is £11.50 for 1.5g of product. It will last ages so it’s not hyper-expensive but it certainly isn’t cheap for what it is. This is available online, at most bigger House of Fraser & John Lewis stores and stand alone MAC stores.

I really have mixed feelings over this; it is one of my regular go to colours but the fact that it creases so easily on me is irritating. I think if it was half the price I would be happier! So this will get a 3/5 from me and I doubt I will re-purchase. The colour is quite generic so I reckon I’ll be able to find a cheaper dupe easily.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat Review.

What they say: “Kensington caviar 45 second top coat is a super glossy top coat that leaves nails touch dry in 45 seconds. Apply over your Nails Inc polish for a professional, long lasting finish. This formula has been specially developed for women who demand instant results. The effect on the nails is a super glossy, wet look professional finish so that nails look like they have been professionally manicured. This incredible formula will also help to increase the wear of your nail polish adding chip resistance and sealing in colour.”

Packaging: The packaging looks quite tacky to me, it’s that horrible shiny silver plastic that I hate so much (looking at you too Clinique!). I do however love the fact that the name of each polish is written on the bottle. Every name is a street or place in London which adds a bit of edge to the brand.

Consistency & Brush: The formula is quite thin and runny making it the perfect consistency for a top coat because it doesn’t drag across your nail colour and cause streaks. The brush is a pretty standard size and shape and is great quality.

Drying Time & Chip Resistance: This top coat does dry very quickly like they say and keeps my polish looking really good for about a week. I use all sorts of cheap brands for their colours and this top coat makes them last for ages too.

Price & Availability: This is £12 for 10ml which I think is reasonable. My current bottle has been on the go for about six months and I change my polish every week. You can get these online, at the Nail Inc shops and other concessions like House of Fraser. I have no problem getting hold of this brand in the UK; I’m not sure about other countries.

This gets a massive 5/5 from me and I have re-purchases 4 times already. I would recommend this over the other Nails Inc top coats even though they are also very good.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Obsession of the Week.

Is.....LIPSTICK! I believe lipgloss has had its day. To be honest I have never liked glosses, I feel like they just sit on the lips all sticky and suffocatingly heavy. I have even started wearing lipstick to work, only sheer and easy to wear colours of course. I don’t want to look all dressed up to the nines at work really do I?!

What is your Obsession of the Week?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Make Up Forever HD Foundation Dupe: Revlon PhotoReady Makeup.

To make this a fair comparison, when I applied these foundations I used the same Real Techniques stippling brush. I didn’t want the application to affect the finish and therefore affect my opinion.

Price: Both are 30ml – the Revlon PR is £12.99 and the MUFE HD one is a staggering £28.95. To be fair I think the MUFE foundation is totally worth the money though, see my review here to see why.

Packaging: The MUFE HD comes in a very high quality plastic bottle that looks like glass complete with pump. PR comes in a stumpy glass bottle also with a pump. Both lids stay on well and both pumps dispense the perfect amount of product. I like both bottle designs as they look simple and sophisticated and they both allow you to be able to see how much product is left. I don’t think there is much to separate the two products packaging-wise.

Texture, Colour & SPF: PR only comes in 8 shades compared with MUFE HD that comes in a massive range of 27 shades. PR and MUFE HD both have a very light texture and are highly pigmented which gives great coverage. I find the HD much easier to blend and feels more hydrating on my skin. I have to powder the HD foundation whereas I can leave the PR on its own. Both foundations have a very natural skin-like finish, the PR does contain very low-level shimmer whereas the HD is completely shimmer free. MUFE HD contains no SPF and the PR has an SPF of 20.

I really like both foundations but the MUFE HD is by far my favourite. Regarding the PhotoReady Makeup; I like a bit of shimmer as it makes my sometimes dry skin look more luminous but I can’t understand why a foundation made for the camera contains it. I also can’t understand why it contains SPF which can cause a bit of a white-cast when using flash-photography. To sum up: both offer good coverage without looking like makeup, both have great packaging & both are comfortable to wear. I just feel like the MUFE HD is so good that nothing can really compare to it, even though the price tag is slightly over-the-top.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Boots 17 BB Cream Review.

What they say: “All In One Magic Make-up with SPF 25. Discover the new 17 BB Blemish Balm to reveal the magic of flawless skin with this all-in-one foundation plus skincare wonder product.”

Texture & Coverage: A very creamy formula that feels comfortable and hydrating on my normal/dry skin. This sinks nicely on the skin and doesn’t exaggerate pores or dry areas. This is described as being full coverage; I would say more medium coverage as I still need to use a concealer under my eyes & to cover any blemishes. I don’t feel the need for powder when I’m wearing this, because of the oil-control ingredients there is no horrible shine – just a nice semi-matte finish.

Colour: This only comes in two colours – ‘Light’ & ‘Medium’ and are both quite pink based. Again the high street has let darker-skinned girls down.

Packaging: This comes in a squeezy tube which is fine, travels well and there is no danger of leakage. I personally prefer a pump  but don’t we all? There is nothing really special about the packaging at all.

Price & Availability: This is available at Boots right now at the introductory price of £5.99 (they are also running 3 for 2 on all 17 products), it will normally be priced at £6.99. For 30ml I think this is beyond a bargain!

This gets a 3/5 from me – nothing hugely special but keeps most of its promises. I think I shall keep this for everyday wear, not needing to powder means one less thing to do in the mornings. They really do need to increase the range of colours and undertones.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold Review.

I have a few Sleek blushes but the only one I ever use is the one in ‘Rose Gold’, I find the others too bright for me but are beautiful nonetheless.

What they say: “A highly pigmented blusher to brighten and define cheekbones. The silky-fine formulation provides long lasting blusher which helps to create a subtle but radiant cheek area.”

Texture: This blusher is so soft and buttery and a little goes an extremely long way. The people at sleek certainly weren’t lying when they said ‘highly pigmented’! I find it very easy to blend and doesn’t cake up or settle into lines after smiling.

Colour: As I said, I have a few colours but this is the most beautiful out of the whole range in my opinion. This has long been compared to NARS Orgasm blush but I can’t really comment because I don’t own it. I have swatched NARS Orgasm and I feel the Sleek one is softer and more pigmented. It is quite shimmery but no obnoxious glitter which is a definite good thing. It is quite easy to overdo this blush so a light hand is needed!

Packaging: The packaging is very good quality like the rest of the Sleek brand. I found this a little tricky to get in to for the first few uses but it does loosen off slightly. This travels excellently as its small, compact and stays shut.

Price & Availability: This is brilliant value for money, £4.30 for 8g of product, compared with £20.50 for 4.5g of NARS Orgasm! It’s a no-brainer. This is available in all of the bigger Superdrug shops and online.

Definitely a 5/5 – will last ages & the colour is amazing.

Products of the week.

It’s time to share my current favourite products this week. I’m not sure if I would say these are my favourite but I have been using them quite a lot over the last week so I think they deserve a mention. Some are new, some are resurrected from the bottom of my makeup cabinet.

Fifth place: Benefit Sugarbomb blusher.
Shimmery and more of a bronzer in my opinion, I’ve had it ages and still really love it.

Fourth place: The resurrected Chanel Vitalumiere foundation in number 20.

The weather has decided to become colder so my skin has decided to become drier. This foundation is really moisturising and never ever ever looks cakey or flaky.

Third Place: MAC Russian Red Lipstick.

A bold blue-based red with a truly matte finish. It’s quite a hard one to pull off and can be drying, lasts forever on the lips though.

Second Place: Benefit Brow-zings in Dark.

I love the rich warm brown colour of the brow powder and the wax is highly pigmented too.

First place: Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream.

This gets first place because it’s cheap, colour and fragrance free and really helps my dry eczema-prone skin.

Monday, 7 November 2011

17 Supreme Shine Lipstick Review.

What they say: “Get the colour you crave with Supreme Shine Lipstick, 13 rich and lightweight shades with intense colour pigments. Re-ignite your love of lip colour…Glamour is only a lip-slick away.”

Texture: I think I’m in love. These lipsticks are certainly lightweight but carry a lot of pigment without being too in your face. These were released in time for the Christmas Party Season but I would rather wear something that is a bit more punchy like a hard to wear matte red. For someone who is new to wearing lipstick or wants something for daywear, like me, this is perfect. The texture is very moisturising so the staying power is less than that of a matte lipstick. This feels more like a balm than a lipstick which I love.

Colour: Comes in 13 shades ranging from pinks to browns, nudes to reds. I bought mine in ‘Pink Posey’, looks quite purple in the tube but more pink on the lips. I could easily wear different lip liners with this to bring out the different undertones.

Packaging: Bright silver colour packaging, eye-catching and the lid clicks in place well. Great for me considering lipsticks live at the bottom of my handbag most of the time.

Price & Availability: These are £4.99 from Boots. At the moment they are running 3 for 2 on all 17 products so I got a couple of ‘Mirror Shine On’ lipsticks (in Hollywood & Peach) too!

I give this 5/5 – feels really nice and comfortable on, good range of colours and easy to wear. The price is amazing too.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review.

What they say:This dual-fibre brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup: look pixel-perfect even in harsh light, ultra-plush synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free, self-standing for easy storage, extended aluminium handle is light and easy to use.”

Shape, Feel & Ease of Use: This brush is amazing and I love it. The brush head is a great size and shape and the bristles are short and dense enough to really buff foundation in to the skin. The brush is so soft and not at all scratchy, washes easily and dries quickly. I use this with all my foundations and I get a brilliant finish really quickly. This brush is synthetic so it doesn’t soak up and waste loads of foundation.

Quality: I use this brush everyday and I’ve had it a while and not even one hair has shed. The handle feels really nice too.

Price & Availability: At £10.99 I think this is great value for money and I would happily pay more for it. Getting hold of these brushes is quite tricky in the UK, I ordered mine from

I give this a 5/5 – I can’t think of anything wrong with it.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation VS Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation.

I have used a whole bottle of the original Healthy Mix and about half a bottle of the Healthy Mix Gel so I think I have used them both enough times to be able to compare them fairly.

Price: Both of these foundations are 30ml but the original is £9.99 and the gel is £10.99. I think this is great value for money as they are just as good (if not better) as some high-end foundations.

Packaging: The original foundation comes in a see-through plastic bottle with a pump. The inside of the bottle moves up as you use the foundation so it’s really easy to see how much is left. This foundation travels really well as the plastic is good quality and the lid stays on tightly. I like the colours too. The gel foundation comes in a plastic bottle that looks like glass with a pump. I think this bottle looks better than the original but the inside doesn’t move up so not quite as easy to see how much is left. The lid on this bottle doesn’t seem to stay on quite as well but I could have just picked up a loose one.

Texture & Colour: I’m not sure what they mean by gel because both foundations are pretty much the same texture which is light and really blendable. Neither look cakey or like a massive mask and are virtually undetectable on the skin. The original foundation certainly has a more dewy finish than the gel which is semi-matte. I like both finishes but if I had to choose I would go for the original. The original gives sheer-medium coverage whereas the gel is more sheer but both are buildable. The original comes in 3 shades compared with the gel that comes in 6 shades – both foundations run yellow. These foundations would suit someone with normal to dry skin. Oily girls may want to give these a miss and go for the ‘Bio Detox Organic’ which is much more matte.

Smell: Both smell amazing but the scent disappears quickly which is great. The original’s smell is bolder and I prefer it, the gel’s smell is also really nice though.

I really love both of these foundations but I will be re-purchasing the original for three reasons; the bottle is better, the smell is more amazing, the finish is more to my taste. Fingers crossed they don’t discontinue it like they have done in the US! I would be quite annoyed!