Friday, 28 October 2011

Clinique Brush-on Liner VS MAC Fluidline.

This is comparing Fluidline in Blacktrack and Brush-on Liner in True Black . My opinions vary from colour to colour because the colour-payoff differs across the range – this is true of both brands.

Price: Both products are £13.50 but you get 5ml in the Clinique one compared to 3g in the MAC one.

Packaging: Fluidline comes in a little glass jar that feels heavy and expensive. Brush-on Liner comes in a little plastic pot with a silver lid and looks cheap and nasty (like most Clinique products in my opinion – I just hate the shiny plastic silver lids they use on everything). As much as I prefer the look of the MAC packaging, the Clinique packaging keeps the product from drying out longer as the pot does up more tightly.

Texture: Brush-on Liner is more of a creamy texture compared to the more gel-like consistency of the Fluidline. I find that getting a smooth, even line is far easier with Fluidline. Both have amazing staying power, no running, bleeding or flaking from either product – no primer needed.

Payoff: When Clinique called it ‘True Black’ they weren’t kidding. There is no need to go over lines, it is dense, opaque black which I think is unrivalled by Fluidline. Fluidline is thinner and I find I have to draw my line and then go over it again.

MAC wins the battle of the liners for me purely on ease of use. When I have more time to get ready, rather than the ten minutes I have in the morning before work, I may still reach for the Brush-on Liner as I do like the intense black payoff.

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